ChromaJam™ brings the immersive and energetic lighting of a live concert into your home with a customizeable, user-friendly smart device that syncs LED lights with your music for an affordable price.

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ChromaJam is a Burlington, Vermont based Startup using technology to create art. It consists of Skylar "Business Boy" Bagdon, George "Big Smart" Philbrick, James "The Next Spielberg" Saunders and Declan "Design Gremlin" Morrison.

Together, they create a company with a passion for innovation, and a desire to advance humanity through technology. Wait, no. Sorry, I accidentally started writing out Google's mission statement.

ChromaJam is actually a group of friends passionate about making a cool product that makes life more fun, and want to share it with the world. We want to enhance experiences by uniting light and music.

George Philbrick looking sexy

George Philbrick

Electrical Engineering student at the University of Vermont, and inventor of ChromaJam™. He sought to ostracize himself from society by taking an interest in PCB and cicuit design and signal processing. Not a joke, he does that for fun. When he's not being a massive nerd, he's crafting the genius code and hardware that creates the lights you see.

Skylar Bagdon running from his problems

Skylar Bagdon

Entrepreneur ordinaire and Tech Commercialization student at UVM, he sought to make bank the world a cooler place by bringing ChromaJam™ to the people. When he's not watching videos of strongman competitions, eating massive amounts of protein or deadlifting, he's actually doing really important work that no one else at ChromaJam can or wants to do.

Declan Morrison looking like a snack (a swiss roll)

Declan Morrison

Everyday guy who took a couple classes on Web Development and now thinks he's a programmer. He's the one behind the ChromaJam™ mobile app, the one who created this site, and the one who's writing the words you're reading right now. I'm sorry. When he's not taking up the slack of doing everything else at the company, he's doing everything else at the company. He has no freetime, and no social life. Sad.

James sitting at a drum set holding a clarinet. He plays neither

James Saunders

ChromaJam's first official marketing intern*! When he's not making music or scrounging for seratonin in Elden Ring, he's putting blood, sweat and tears (mostly tears) into making sure the people hear our message and kicking us in the pants to make some cool content for y'all.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or ChromaJam LLC